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MBA programs are designed to help you climb in your career by equipping you with a set of skills and knowledge that will be relevant in many different business contexts. If you’re aiming to achieve a leadership position where you’ll need a broad knowledge base paired with solid managerial skills, an MBA may be the right program for you.

Course Work & Learning Outcomes

Some common specializations for an MBA include consulting, marketing, operations, and management. Your classes will survey a variety of topics, from accounting to cybersecurity, while helping you hone your executive ability through management opportunities, negotiation exercises, and teamwork.

In addition to coursework and collaboration, you’ll get the chance to generate your own solutions to real-world challenges, using existing companies as case studies. You’ll also be encouraged to do an internship or participate in an ongoing partnership with an organization of your choice, moving you into the management pipeline.

Career Outlook

If your goal is to attain a C-level position, or if you want to cultivate managerial skills that will transfer to any organization or industry, an MBA can help you move in that direction.