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MBA Programs That Also Help You Find Employment

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Earning an MBA is a tried and true way to gain new skills, advance in your career, and increase your earning potential. If you are pursuing an MBA, chances are you’ve thought about how it can help your career. While you could look at a school’s percentage of graduates with a job to determine whether their MBA program will help you find employment, you could also get a great impression with an overlook of its high-impact practices. Such offerings as experiential learning, networking, career services, and concentrations all help prepare students to do more than land the job they want; they ensure that students are adaptable, flexible, and resilient at every stage of their career. 

Experiential Learning: Most students pursuing an MBA already have some work experience under their belt, but it is becoming increasingly important that MBA programs incorporate experiential learning directly into the curriculum as well. Fordham University, for example, has cultivated a close relationship with IBM, enabling students specializing in information systems to work with Watson, the company’s cutting-edge AI system. These kind of industry connections help create hands-on learning opportunities that can serve you as you seek employment after graduation.  

Networking: The old adage “it’s not what you know, but who you know” still rings true in the business world. Institutions that capitalize on this can help you find employment through effective networking opportunities. Whether these come in the form of campus events or mentorship programs, you can expect a high-quality MBA program to support your network with influential business professionals. The University of Miami Business School’s MBA Mentor Program recognizes the value of these connections and partners students with local professionals for career preparation assistance. These mentors meet with students regularly throughout the year to discuss things ranging from classroom success to post-graduate career choices. The valuable connections made at your institution can help you determine the right company to pursue while also opening the doors to possible employment.

Career Services: Career services at the graduate level are often overlooked, as there is an assumption that most students already have a résumé, cover letter, an understanding of LinkedIn, or even an established job. While that is often true, there are nevertheless several benefits to taking advantage of a strong career services department while it is available. Loyola Marymount University makes a point not to overlook the value of career development. Its Office of Graduate Career Management offers students numerous resources and services to help them establish or accomplish their professional goals:

  • Personal assessments 
  • Professional development workshops
  • Employer relations 
  • Career advisement
  • Alumni connections

LMU also provides access to CareerLaunch, an online database that connects students to networking and recruiting events as well as job opportunities specifically targeted to MBA students. These services and resources are offered to both current students and alumni, so LMU’s MBA recipients know that they have a team ready to support them in all their professional endeavors, even after they graduate!

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Concentrations: Concentrations are another aspect of an MBA program that can help provide direction and set you up for employment. While it might seem that a concentration would limit your options to a narrow career field, your specialized study actually provides extra assurance for your success. In this case, your general MBA courses would serve as a foundation on which you can thrive in any career, and your concentration would only further build your skill set. Rather than locking you into one job, a concentration will demonstrate your additional area of expertise and set you apart from other candidates who hold a general MBA. A concentration also demonstrates your interest and commitment to a certain sector, making you a more appealing candidate to employers in your desired field. At North Park University, MBA students can specialize in accounting, church administration, conflict management, economics, finance, fundraising management, healthcare management, higher education administration, human resource management, leadership, and more. These unique concentrations supplement North Park’s already comprehensive curriculum with useful opportunities to excel in the workforce.

It is difficult to quantify the benefits an MBA program will have on your life and career; percentages and statistics are not enough. When considering how an MBA program can help you find your dream job, look for high-impact practices that will challenge you, hone your skills, and prepare you for anything. 

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