How Schools are Selected

With all kinds of established responsibilities already demanding their attention, degree-seeking adults bring particular needs to their higher education. They need classes and services to work for their schedules. The courses should be affordable. The quality should be on par with full-time, on-campus programs. The degrees should be swiftly achievable, and they should help students advance in their field. An MBA program should facilitate present success just as much as it will support future success.

We at Abound sift through the nation’s offerings of MBA programs and select schools on the basis that they meet our criteria. Ultimately, we believe that higher education is worth the investment so long as it meets our qualifications, which are based on accessibility, affordability, acceleration, and advancement.


Open to adult and online students in their use of campus resources. The institution welcomes its MBA students to use its available parking, academic services, libraries, test-taking services, and more.

A model in flexible scheduling. The school offers courses in the evening, weekends, or online to allow adult students to fit their education around other commitments, like family and work.

Availability of resources. Resources are available when adult students are “going to class.” The institution offers student services outside of normal business hours, such as financial aid, registrar, admissions, IT, tutoring, and more.


Transparent about its offerings and program. The school clearly lays out all information about degree costs, time requirements, and degree plan options for working students seeking a Master of Business Administration.

Transparent about affordability assistance. Through financial aid, reduced tuition, scholarships, grants, and agreements with employers offering tuition-assistance plans, the institution is committed to making the MBA affordable.


A standard-setter in academic integrity. The school uses proctors or auditing to ensure the academic integrity of their MBA students and their MBA programs.

A leader in accelerating a student’s time to completion. The school offers MBA students a direct path to their degree in the most timely and cost-effective way—including shorter sessions offered year-round.


Committed to the academic, personal, and professional success of adult students. The institution has dedicated offices, facilities, and trained staff on campus and online to provide academic support as well as a network for the development of students’ personal and professional goals.

The school offers experiential learning to all students. Every program, whether online, weekend, or part-time, offers experiential learning opportunities to take course content from theory to application. This may include receiving course credit through competency based education, internships, or a capstone project.

A leader in its discipline with faculty who are experts in the field as well as in the classroom. The school invests in hiring faculty who aren’t just thought leaders, but experts with real-world business experience who can draw from that with practical examples to make the learning experience tangible.

Committed to the continual improvement and growth of their program. The school is fully invested in its MBA program, be it online, blended, or on campus. The institution seeks opportunities to strengthen its program standards and self-assess its curricula, learning outcomes, and faculty development.