What is Abound?

A Master of Business Administration could be just the thing you need to launch further in your career. Across all industries, an MBA has the power to help you increase your earning potential, stand out in a competitive job market, and take charge as a leader.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Is an MBA right for you?

No matter what, higher education requires a significant amount of forethought and dedication. And while an advanced degree could help propel you further into your career, there are always personal-, money-, and time-related constraints that might interfere with or be affected by your commitment.

An MBA is a demanding journey on which you need a strong support system that will help you thrive as a professional, excel as a student, and continue to show up in whatever role you play for your loved ones. Of course, there is a reason MBA programs are so rigorous: the return on investment can be exponential.

The right program is worth it

The Internet is littered with rankings lists and websites that claim to know which MBA program will land you the best job and earn you the highest salary. In reality, the quality of an MBA is ultimately determined by how much you get out of it on an individual level. That means that your #1 MBA program is one that fits your schedule, provides the resources you need, and allows you to meet your own goals.

That’s where Abound: MBA comes in.

We have a vision and respect for higher education that other sites don’t have. We’re not trying to get you enrolled just anywhere; not every program is a good fit for every student. Our goal is to help you find an MBA with not only an excellent curriculum, but also a format that is conducive to your current and future success.

Take the Leap

We’ve started your search for you. Explore our list of vetted colleges and find the MBA program best for you. And be sure to check out the articles we’ve written to support your selection process.

Get to know Abound

Our team has been working in higher education since 2000. Seventeen years ago, we founded a college guidance system called Colleges of Distinction to help students ages 18–21 choose their school. But as the student population in the United States shifts to adult students (age 24 and older), we feel it’s really important to offer college guidance just for adults, as well.

That’s why we created Abound. Our passion is to help you find a school that’s not just known for excellence, but is also a good fit for you personally. The schools we work with come from 25 metro areas across the US, and counting. Our team is based in Austin, Texas — home of SXSWedu (an annual conference on innovations in learning) as well as many bright minds in emerging technologies.

Located in Austin, Texas

Abound is headquartered in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas, a city known for its live music, creativity, and innovation.

Consistently earning top accolades as the #1 place in America to start a business, Austin has become the prime location for music, media, and educational cultural events like SXSW and SXSW.edu as well as the choice for such large tech firms as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.
Without a doubt, it is the perfect location for Colleges of Distinction’s newest initiative to thrive.

801 Barton Springs Rd,
Suite 08-111, Austin, TX 78704

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