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Psychology programs focus on the interplay of mind and body, exploring the biology that drives how we think, feel, learn, and act. Their purpose is to prepare you to work in a general field or to pursue a graduate degree and license in your area of focus.

Course Work & Learning Outcomes

As a psychology major, you’ll learn to collect and interpret data, conduct research, and understand the physical and social drivers of human behavior. Common specializations include:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Child psychology
  • Counseling
  • Industrial psychology
  • Social psychology

Typical courses include statistics and research methods, as well as the biological, cognitive, social, and behavioral foundations of psychology. Depending on your focus, you might study memory, gender, the perception of music, eating disorders, sports psychology, or circadian rhythms.

Career Outlook

With a bachelor’s in psychology, you could get a job as a rehabilitation specialist, case worker, or psychiatric technician. You could also put your degree to work in other fields, like sales, marketing, or administration — or use it as a stepping stone to get the advanced education you need to become a therapist, psychiatrist, lawyer, or research scientist.