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Abound Launches New Recognition for Top MBA Programs

Tyson Schritter / COO, Abound and Colleges of Distinction


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Abound Launches New Recognition for Top MBA Programs

National guide honors superb learning opportunities for MBA-seeking professionals

Austin, Texas — Abound, a college guidance system for degree-seeking adults, has launched its third component, Abound: MBA. Abound recognizes nonprofit institutions that offer MBA programs with a proven dedication to developing working professionals into skilled, forward-thinking business leaders. These institutions provide a path to an MBA that addresses the issues most important to professional students.

“We understand that institutions often ignored by the press and public are those that are in fact doing the heaviest lifting in the way they deliver high-quality educational experiences for a large section of the U.S. populace,” said Tyson Schritter, Chief Operating Officer for Abound. “Abound: MBA provides a level playing field for business schools that are delivering truly outstanding MBAs to post-traditional students across the country. Across our 19-year history, more than 500 institutions have used Abound and Colleges of Distinction’s recognitions and tools to further their missions.”

Abound: MBA programs meet several criteria in each of four main areas: Accessibility, Affordability, Acceleration, and Advancement. Each school is evaluated via an analysis of its MBA programs’ flexible scheduling and delivery options, personal access to professors, academic and career support services, and overall preparation for managerial success in the world of business.

College staff across the country have taken note of the way Abound fills a large gap in popular credentialing. Ashley Miller, Success Coach at Lindsey Wilson College, commented, “Abound is not just another feather in the cap—it’s a way to show potential students that your college or university goes the extra mile for their students and they’re receiving a quality education as a result. We love that Abound is not a ‘pay to play’ type of organization. There are real interviews with real people that ask real questions about how the college operates and serves students.”

Schools are invited to the guidance system network only after an interview with the Abound team and a distinguishing demonstration of their student-centered approach to business education. 

To join the Top MBA Programs honored by Abound, nominate your institution and pass through the vetting and interview process. Upon qualification, your school will receive the recognition, badges, and toolkit to begin elevating your MBA program.

Visit to learn more. You can also check out Abound’s comprehensive guide detailing four effective strategies for marketing to MBA students and growing your enrollment that you can begin implementing today.

About Abound: MBA

Abound: MBA connects master’s-seeking adults with programs that are most conducive to their professional goals and, likewise, helps institutions attract the students most likely to excel in their unique programs. Abound: MBA is the newest initiative of the Abound college guidance system for degree-seeking adults. We help nontraditional students find the best place for them to have a positive experience in pursuit of an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, nursing degree, or MBA. Our institutions are nationally recognized for educational excellence through their courses offered on campus, online, or both.

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