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Can I Finish My Bachelor’s Degree Online?

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Contemplating whether to finish your bachelor’s degree? You’re not alone. An increasing number of adults over the age of 25 are returning to complete their college education. Over time, a bachelor’s degree has become more of a basic prerequisite for employment rather than a helpful bonus. 

While you might have decided that having a bachelor’s degree would be great for your career, you, like many others, probably have a full-time job, family, or other commitments that would interfere with your ability to go back to school. 

Colleges and universities across the country have made great strides in the last few years to offer an education that is accessible to even the busiest of adults. With non-traditional course formats and flexible schedules, you have many options for pursuing your degree online. Here are all your questions answered about remote learning and how you can finish college online.

Why Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree Online?

A bachelor’s degree can be life-changing for a lot of people. And even if you are already juggling  your personal life and professional duties, you still have a great chance to invest in your future thanks to remote learning.

You might be inclined to think that online school is sub-par, but this isn’t nearly the case when you’re enrolled in a not-for-profit, accredited institution. Online and in-person, these schools ensure that all coursework and materials are the same. Therefore, the education you receive online is just as legitimate, valuable, and enriching as that which you would receive on a college campus. 

Career Advancement

The job market is competitive. Whether or not you finish college, you can expect to jump through hoops just to get a potential employer’s time of day. The saving grace is that a college degree can give you the most significant boost your résumé needs.

Recruiters will be more inclined to call you back for interviews because they know that you have the knowledge and expertise to succeed. Even if your field of study is unrelated to a job you’re applying for, the degree will show that you have the power to see challenges through to the end. 

If you already have a job at a competitive firm, you can expect to progress with a promotion or a raise after completing your bachelor’s degree online. 

Earning Potential

Similarly, with a solid education and the certification to prove it, you can increase your earning potential simply by having a bachelor’s degree. College graduates can expect to earn, on average, hundreds of dollars more each week than those who do not have a degree. Not only does having a degree give you a better chance at getting hired in the first place, but it also increases your chance of being offered a raise or higher starting salary.

Personal Satisfaction

It’s no secret that working all day and coming back home to study is not an easy undertaking. Balancing all of your responsibilities takes work 

Then you will also need to find time to do group projects to collaborate with others in your classes. We all have numerous commitments in life.

Pat yourself on the back for bettering your future with a bachelor’s degree. Then you can celebrate another graduation ceremony in your cap and gown with all your loved ones gleefully cheering your incredible accomplishment.

How to Choose the Right Online Classes

When searching for the best online classes, you should always prioritize colleges that are not only high quality, but also available for you to have flexible and convenient schedules.

Take into account that not all colleges are 100% online. Some may have hybrid/blended programs, which include a mixture of online lectures and on-campus experiences. Some programs might also require on-campus lab or clinic training sessions.

Flexible Online Programs

If going to a physical location does not work for you, it is best to research which programs can be completed entirely online. From there, you can create the perfect class schedule that fulfills your remote learning needs.

Every school and every degree can operate differently, but online course formats generally fall into two delivery method categories: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous courses are those that happen in real time; professors lecture while students are all logged in to a conference call or meeting module (e.g. Zoom). 

Still feeling too busy to log in to class on a certain schedule? Asynchronous courses provide even more flexibility. These are pre-recorded lectures that each student can access on their own time, whether that be after work, during lunch, or when the kids are asleep. Depending on your school, you may take one format of courses throughout your degree or some combination of both. 

Invest in Your Dreams Today

Now that you know how accessible it can be to earn a bachelor’s degree online, it’s time to apply!

Abound: Finish College has already started your college search for you! Our search engine consists only of accredited universities that we have confirmed are Accessible, Accelerated, Affordable, and Advanced. Start exploring now to find the best degree program for your specific personal and professional needs. 

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