What is Abound: Finish College?

Thirty-four million Americans have some college credit, but no degree. Are you one of them?

Maybe you started school, but life got in the way. It happens. Still, no matter how much time has gone by, it’s not too late for you to get your degree — and you don’t have to spend all your time or money doing it.

Abound, an initiative of Colleges of Distinction, is a comprehensive resource guide that helps the growing population of adult students find degree completion, graduate, nursing, and MBA programs at institutions that have been vetted for the highest quality that are affordable, accelerated and accessible.
— Chief Operating Officer Tyson Schritter

Lots of questions? That’s normal

How do you decide it’s the right time? How do you know if you’d do better online or in a classroom? Is it better to go with traditional semesters or an accelerated course? Is there any way to make things more affordable? No one ever said going back to school would be simple.

We’re here to help

There are plenty of websites out there offering to help students pick a program. A lot of them, though, don’t actually give you much to go on; they’re just trying to capture your info. Others do give some info, but only about online degrees. Or maybe they offer all kinds of options, but they don’t give you enough detail to compare programs and make a choice you feel good about. Few, if any, are able to guide you through the complicated process of choosing a school, applying, and completing your degree.

That’s where Abound: Finish College really stands out.

We have a vision and respect for higher education that other sites just don’t have. We’re not just trying to get you enrolled somewhere. Not every program is a good fit for every student. Our goal is to help you find the program that’s best for you: the one that will see you through the finish line.

Get to know Abound

Our team has been working in higher education since 2000. Twenty-one years ago, we founded a college guidance system called Colleges of Distinction to help students ages 18–21 choose their school. But as the student population in the United States shifts to adult students (age 24 and older), we feel it’s really important to offer college guidance just for adults, as well.

That’s why we created Abound. Our passion is to help you find a school that’s not just known for excellence, but is also a good fit for you personally. Our team is based in Austin, Texas — home of SXSWedu (an annual conference on innovations in learning) as well as many bright minds in emerging technologies.

Located in Austin, Texas

Where is Abound.college? - Headquarters: Austin,TX

Abound is headquartered in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas, a city known for it’s live music, creativity and innovation.

Consistently earning top accolades as the #1 place in America to start a business, hosting music, media and educational cultural events like SXSW and SXSW.edu and the choice for large tech firms like Google and Amazon, and Facebook it is the perfect location for Colleges of Distinction’s newest initiative to thrive.

4402 Eskew Drive, Austin, TX 78704

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