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2019 Abound Top MBA Programs2019 Abound Top MBA Programs2019 Abound Top MBA ProgramsAbound is born out of a vision and respect for higher education that others don’t have. We’re not just trying to get students enrolled somewhere. Not every MBA program is a good fit for every student. Our goal is to help students find the MBA program that’s best for them: the one that will support their long-term goals and help them succeed in their career. 2019 Abound Top MBA Programs

Instead of ranking schools on reputation surveys, weighted quantitative statistical analyses, or other subjective processes dressed up as scientific, we embrace the qualitative, subjective process. We analyze schools one by one; digging deep on a number of key areas of analysis. Each school is subject to a rigorous selection process and must excel at each point of our criteria in order to be recognized.

Colleges and universities are nominated for participation in Abound by graduates of programs, school faculty, education journalists, college administrators, or the Abound selection team. We ask that a school receive at least 2 nominations.

As you complete the nomination form, please refer to the selection criteria to help identify why your school should receive Abound recognition.

Feel free to send the nomination form to fellow colleagues, students or alumni encouraging them to help your school take the next step towards receiving Abound recognition.

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