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Fastest Growing Job Markets for MBA Grads

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An MBA graduate is aptly suited for leadership positions in a wide range of fields. Despite the nation’s recently slow job growth trends, business school graduates are still at an advantage when it comes to finding jobs in rapidly growing industries. But which of these industries offer the best return on investment and greatest opportunities for career growth?

To answer this question, we analyzed the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook for a better idea of the fields most likely to thrive in the years to come. Because, according to the handbook, the average growth rate for all industries over the next ten years is about 8%, we looked to industries with predicted growth above that number. Based on projected industry growth and median yearly salaries, these are nine of the best industries for MBA grads to look into.

Computer and Information Systems Management

Growth Predicted by 2030: 11%

Median Yearly Pay: $151,150

Technology administrators command some of the highest median salaries available in today’s job market. By understanding the administration and implementation of new technologies, graduates entering this field help businesses:

  • Keep digital documents secure
  • Upgrade existing computer systems of all kinds
  • Determine personnel needs
  • Negotiate with outside tech firms and service providers

Though this industry is only predicted to grow 3% more than average, its high median pay makes it a promising industry for MBA graduates.

Financial Advising

Growth Predicted by 2030: 17%

Median Yearly Pay: $134,180

Financial advisors have some of the most dynamic career opportunities. They can work for small businesses, advise international Fortune 500 companies, and even go into business as private firms. Financial advisors may also find success in legal-adjacent fields, showing their versatility beyond number crunching and budgeting.

With more than double the average projected 10-year growth rate and a high median salary, financial advisors and managers enjoy a great return on educational investments.

Management Analytics

Growth Predicted by 2030: 14%

Median Yearly Pay: $87,660

Management analysis comes with rewarding, measurable outcomes that help MBA graduates see the effects of their work in action. These professionals guide workplace policy to be more productive, enriching, and profitable. Because their duties change from project-to-project, management analysts build a diverse résumé that will continue to lead them to success in a wide variety of fields.

While the median yearly pay for management analysts is on the lower end for jobs featured on this list, their varied set of skills open them up to many other fields.

Construction Management

Growth Predicted by 2030: 11%

Median Yearly Pay: $97,180

Construction managers, also called project managers or general contractors, help clients determine their construction needs, balance budgets, and find reliable contractors for every part of a construction project. They are often liaisons between engineers, construction teams, and the clients they serve.

By bringing networks of reliable contractors together with high-paying clients, the earning potential for a construction manager is high.

Public Relations

Growth Predicted by 2030: 13%

Median Yearly Pay: $118,430

A fantastic reputation can turn modestly-profitable businesses into international successes. Though a lot of that success is accomplished by a business’s practices themselves, a public relations manager is the one who ensures that all communications speak to audiences on multiple levels. In this way, a creative public relations manager is a profit-driving force.

With a high median salary and above-average growth rate, this field is well suited for MBA grads who can balance creativity and outgoingness with strategy and fiscal responsibility.


Growth Predicted by 2030: 30%

Median Yearly Pay: $76,270

Any industry that involves production, transportation, or design needs talented logicians. From developing relationships with reputable vendors to allocating resources, personnel, and time, these professionals get products made and shipped to consumers. When problems arise, they review and revise production or transportation strategies to maximize profits and minimize downtime.

This is another field whose median salary is lower than the others in this list, but its expected growth rate is almost quadruple that of the average! MBA grads entering logistics should expect their skills always to be in high demand.

Marketing Management

Growth Predicted by 2030: 10%

Median Yearly Pay: $141,490

While public relations managers speak to existing audiences and the media, marketing managers find new consumer bases. They design innovative marketing techniques and help executives use their data productively. By supervising teams across multiple departments, marketing managers ensure businesses use resources to create more profits.

The predicted growth for the marketing management industry is only slightly higher than average, but the high median salary makes for a great return on investment for MBA graduates.

Talent Management

Growth Predicted by 2030: 46%

Median Yearly Pay: $75,420

Anyone with the slightest public presence needs a talent agent. Whether they are fledgling authors and influencers or established entertainers, they need talent agents to negotiate deals with sponsors and manage their public personas. A talented agent keeps professional athletes and performers relevant and profitable.

MBA graduates may be discouraged by this lower median salary, but the predicted growth for this industry is almost six times the average! Media outlets are rapidly expanding into more non-traditional venues such as social media, with more and more people gaining enormous followings. Adept and adaptable talent managers will be more important and profitable than ever.

Medical and Health Services Management

Growth Predicted by 2030: 32%

Median Yearly Pay: $104,280

Medical services will always be relevant, so it’s no surprise that jobs in the field are continually lucrative. Patients and clients judge health services on speed, efficiency, and results, so the management behind the healthcare is vital. A medical and health services manager may oversee:

  • Recruitment and training
  • Billing and finances
  • Legal and health code compliance
  • Record keeping
  • Employee and patient concerns
  • Goal development
  • The improvement of services with new technologies and methods

This is a nuanced, profitable, and in-demand role. With a median six-figure salary and a predicted growth of four times the average, MBA graduates should highly consider a career in the medical field.

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