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A new, in-depth guide for returning students.

Thirty-four million Americans have some college credit, but no bachelor’s degree. We’d like to change that.

Abound: Finish College helps degree-seeking adults explore the many program options out there, navigate the college selection process in an efficient, rewarding way, and show them that it’s possible to complete their degree.

Benefits for Schools

Abound Insignia

Display our seal of approval (in digital or print) on your website, recruitment materials, and regional or national promotions.

School Profile

Be featured in our Guidebook and website along with your pictures, videos, degree descriptions, statistics, and success stories.

Content Marketing

Contribute an article to our Student Advice blog. Guest posts include an author bio as well as a link to your school’s website.

Marketing Templates

Receive a customizable press release template that you can use to announce your acceptance as a member school.

National Media

Get national recognition through our annual media campaigns to local, regional, and industry-specific news outlets.

Connect to Students

Our guidance system is a valuable resource that connects you with degree-seeking adults to help improve your enrollment.

Sample Badges

Qualification Process

Step 1: Nomination & Survey

Fill out the form below, and we’ll send you our qualification survey. It covers a range of areas in our selection criteria.

Step 2: Evaluation

We spend time evaluating your school’s fit within our selection criteria, as outlined below. We also review public information from sources such as the Common Data Set and the National Center for Education Statistics. During this step, we may ask you to provide some supplementary materials.

Step 3: Recognition

Based on the information we gather through your survey and evaluation, we’ll determine if your school qualifies for recognition as a Top Adult Undergrad Degree Program. If it does, we’ll finalize the selection process and invite you to build your profile and join our roster of schools.

Selection Criteria

  • Commitment to the education of returning students
  • Commitment to engaged learning
  • Strength of any and all prior credit
  • Mentorship and support for students
  • Academic integrity
  • Full explanations of offerings and programs
  • Faculty, adjunct, and staff training
  • Use of campus resources
  • Accelerated time to completion
  • Available career services for students
  • Affordability assistance
  • Regional accreditation
  • Flexible scheduling options
Finish College Guidebook

Annual Guidebook

Our Guidebook is available in print and digital formats. Each member school has a profile listed and can submit advice to be included in the front of the book, which is distributed free of charge to college counselors and HR professionals throughout the US.

To become a member or ask a question, either complete the form below or write to for more information.

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