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Accelerated Degree Completion: The Fastest Way to Your Degree

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Getting ahead in the professional world is a significant challenge. Not only are more entry-level positions requiring a bachelor’s degree, but the competition for promotions and wage increases grows more cutthroat year by year. In this COVID-era economy and into the post-COVID fallout, you might find it beneficial, if not necessary, to earn a stronger set of credentials and secure your place in your field.

The world is changing at a fast pace, so it’s no wonder that you may be looking for ways to earn a bachelor’s degree as quickly as possible. Enter the accelerated degree completion program, a fast-paced track to a bachelor’s degree. Read on to learn more about these degrees and some examples of the fastest degree completion programs out there.

What Is an Accelerated Degree Completion Program?

An accelerated bachelor’s degree is exactly what it sounds like: students study the same material that they would in a typical undergraduate program at a much faster pace. Designed for working adults and those who may have some credit but no degree, these non-traditional programs typically take place online and/or in the evenings to fit busy schedules. Courses are intensive, but they allow students to graduate and return to their work and family commitments as quickly as possible. 

Check out the degree completion programs below to start your search for the fastest track to your bachelor’s degree!

Schools With Fast Accelerated Degree Completion Programs

1. Lewis University

8-week terms. Online, hybrid, and evening classes.

Lewis University offers 13 accelerated degree programs across five colleges. From Aviation Maintenance Technology and Computer Science to Special Education and Healthcare Leadership, all programs are specifically career focused in order to expand students’ professional network and prepare them for successful careers. 

2. Mount Saint Mary’s University

5- to 8-week terms. Evening classes 1-2 times per week.

Mount Saint Mary’s University’s 5 accelerated undergraduate degrees span the fields of accounting, communication, human services, business, and criminal justice. Faculty and advisors work one-on-one with students to guide them through the fast-paced courses and beyond into their strong professional roles. All traditional college resources, including the library and writing center, are available to students pursuing these part-time, accelerated degrees. 

3. University of Minnesota Rochester: NXT GEN MED

Year-round, 2.5 Years.

In partnership with Google Cloud, the University of Minnesota offers the NXT GEN MED college experience to produce stellar practitioners in healthcare leadership. The program includes an internship at the Mayo Clinic, research with top-of-the-line technology and equipment, and other hands-on experiences that make all students versatile across the healthcare industry and aptly prepared for their desired fields. 

4. Florida Institute of Technology: Bisk College of Business

3 years. Online classes.

Florida Tech’s Bisk College of Business offers a career-building, accelerated bachelor’s degree in Business, helping its students propel themselves into meaningful careers. Since classes are online, and because an entire year is shaved off the time it takes to earn a degree, Florida Tech’s accelerated Business degree is a cost-effective choice. Students also have the ability to enroll in 3+1 and 4+1 programs in order to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as few as four years total!

5. Molloy College

Online, self-paced courses throughout 7-week, 14-week, and summer sessions

With flexibility and efficiency as one of its top priorities, Molloy College’s Degree Completion Program caters its degrees around the busiest of schedules. Ranging from Health Service Leadership to Communications, Molloy’s degree completion offerings accept a generous amount of Prior Learning Credit for life experience and proficiency exams. 

6. University of Dubuque: LIFE

Evening or online classes once per week. 9 sessions offered year-round.

The University of Dubuque’s Learning Institute for Fulfillment and Engagement (LIFE) is specifically programmed to cater to adult students’ needs. Offering degrees in Business Management, Health Care Leadership Administration, and Criminal Justice, the University allows students to choose between online or face-to-face coursework, all while providing childcare, tutoring, and recreational opportunities to those who want or need it. 

7. University of St. Francis

8-week course sessions. Degrees earned in as little as 15 months. 

Having raised the amount of accepted transfer hours and prior learning credit, it’s now even easier to earn an accelerated bachelor’s at the University of St. Francis. For a bachelor’s in the fields of Business and Healthcare, students can enroll in a reduced-price online program that comes with academic and career support as well as tuition reimbursement and payment options. 

8. Chestnut Hill College

On campus, online, and hybrid courses. 8-week sessions.

With fast-paced course sessions, Chestnut Hill College’s 12 Accelerated Adult programs prime students for a quick transition into their careers in Childcare Management, Human Services, HR Management, and more. Success mentors are available to assist students through difficult coursework and transitions as they foster career-building skills. For a faster route to graduation, the College accepts 75 transfer credits through previous coursework, prior learning assessments, or portfolio assessments. 

9. Mount St. Joseph University

Year-round, 3 years.

Adults returning to school are able to choose from eight undergraduate degree programs that are flexible and accelerated enough to let them earn their degree in three years instead of the traditional four. Summer sessions include intensive, 6-week sessions that continually move students forward in their academic career. Saving time and money, these programs in Accounting, Biochemistry, Music, and more prepare students for the fast-paced world outside of college. 

10. Colorado Christian University

Flexible start dates. Online and hybrid courses. 5-week sessions. 

Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies invites students to finish their degree quickly through a variety of accelerated degree programs. With courses lasting a speedy five weeks each, students can prepare themselves for lucrative careers in Healthcare Administration, Information Systems Management, Cyber Security, and much more. 

Going back to school to earn your bachelor’s is such a worthwhile achievement. And with accelerated programs available all throughout the country, you don’t need to put your life on hold for college! The programs listed above are just a select few of the phenomenal schools we trust at Abound: Finish College. To find the school that fits your needs, schedule, and career goals, you can use our student resource, which lists only the schools that we have individually vetted for quality.

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