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New eBook Offers Actionable Advice for Higher Ed Leaders Looking to Improve Marketing

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New eBook Offers Actionable Advice for Higher Ed Leaders Looking to Improve Marketing

National guide offers free resource to higher ed marketing and communications officers

Abound, in conjunction with its sister site Colleges of Distinction, has released its ebook, “How to Elevate Your School’s Brand and Win Over Your Audiences.

This free ebook is written for higher ed administrators, marketers, alumni officers, or really anyone who communicates with people outside of their institution. Drawing from the power of story, it outlines how schools ought to be presenting themselves as a trustworthy guide to help the audience member (presented as the hero in the story) achieve their goals.

A fatal mistake that many colleges and universities make when marketing their academic programs, engaging donors and alumni, or communicating their mission to external stakeholders is that their stories are all about the school themselves. They make the school the “hero” of the story, here to save the day for the student, donor, etc.

“People want to be the hero in the story, not the bystander” says Tyson Schritter, COO of Abound and co-author of the ebook. “By positioning your school as the hero, you are making it that much less likely that your story will get and keep their attention.”

Once you understand that your school has to be the guide, you then need to determine how you can establish your school as a trustworthy guide. The ebook covers the two main characteristics of a guide: empathy and authority. It also offers 5 tools schools can use to underscore the authority of their “brand story:” testimonials, statistics, awards, partnerships, and content marketing.

Dr. Brian Sajko, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Stephens College, notes the critical need for colleges and universities to rethink their strategy and Abound’s effective answer to the challenges that come with the ever-evolving market. “As a 30 year college marketing veteran,” he says, “I can honestly tell you that this is the most clear, direct, and actionable book I have ever read on marketing and branding higher education.”

Using these techniques doesn’t only work to meet enrollment goals, but it can also help schools reach fundraising, engagement, recruitment, retainment, and other institutional goals critical for success in today’s higher ed landscape.

Visitors can download the free ebook at

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