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Free Guide: Growing Adult Student Enrollment with Organizational Partnerships

This guide is designed to help you build partnerships, boost enrollment, and grow your programs.

Forward-thinking and innovative schools have begun to attract coveted adult students by forming partnerships with third-party organizations—businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, hospitals, and more—and offering programs tailored specifically for them.

Yet forging organizational partnerships is an opportunity of which many schools are not taking advantage.

With many schools’ need to increase adult student enrollment in order to avoid shutting their doors, it’s necessary that they forge organizational partnerships to increase adult student enrollment.

We created an easy to follow guide detailing why organizational partnerships are necessary to increase and sustain adult student enrollment and how you can begin implementing them today.


  • Why forge organizational partnerships?
  • Identifying the right organizations
  • Using established connections to grow organizational partnerships
  • Working with campus stakeholders
  • Pitching partnerships
  • Building a team to grow partnerships
  • Investing in organizational partnerships as a priority

Includes a printable checklist you can use as you navigate establishing new partnerships!

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